The Great (Job) Hunt

Like many these days, I’m looking for a job.

I’ve totally given up about a half a dozen times, only to get a call from a recruiter that starts the whole maddening process up again.

Most recently I interviewed for a “dream job.” At a company that I really wanted to work at, doing what I’m really good at AND what I like to do.

I went through the whole five person interview thing. Three of the five were USELESS interviews, conducted by hipster dude-bros who were obviously disappointed that I wasn’t a dude-bro or a 23 year old tattooed chick with a lip stud. They didn’t even ask me a single question. Oh no, wait they did – “Do you got any questions for me?” WTF? I’m the one being interviewed. LOOK at my portfolio that is lying on the table. ASK me about my experience. Conduct an actual interview!

I’m sure they ended up hiring an under qualified dude-bro or hot chick.

Here’s some advice for companies interviewing people –

  • Be polite and follow the rules of common decency. I wrote hand-written thank you notes. You didn’t even (and still haven’t) notified me that I didn’t get the job. After two weeks (and sending an email to you) I got the hint. That’s just plain rude and wastes people’s time.
  • Train your people to interview others. Those guys were insulting and portrayed a lack of professionalism.
  • Recognize that you are interviewing people to do a job. Find out if they can DO that job – don’t just interview to drag someone in to see if they are cool or would be a great drinking buddy.

Remember – all of these unemployed people whom you are interviewing may be interviewing YOU someday. Treat people with dignity and respect always.


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