Attempting Productivity

I added another thin layer of plaster to some of the walls in the entryway today. I’ve left it in a state of disrepair for too long; if I knuckle down I can finish it in a few days, but I abandoned it to do piles of dishes and laundry.

I like the way it feels when I get the putty mixture just right and can spread it thin and evenly, like frosting. When the compound gets just the right consistency there’s a rubbery bounce to its properties, seams and bumps are easily smoothed out. I like making things with my hands. I like creating the tangible that can be touched, used and admired. I also love fixing things; I feel the same creative energy from it. I think I would love working at something where I create and fix things. I don’t want to work in the intangible, like service or sales in some grey office cubicle. I never did, but somehow that’s where I ended up. 

Maybe I won’t have to go back. Just maybe I’ll find something else that is better for me.

I’m planning on turning the whole house into an art project. I’ve finished the walls to a nice smooth light green in the living room, the entry way will be orange. The dining room? Robin eggshell blue. On these walls I’m going to hang my art and some of the kids’ are too. I’ve just let this house be only a place to crash for so long, I think it will lighten everyone’s moods if we make it a home.


One thought on “Attempting Productivity

  1. You have a very poetic “voice.” I wish I was so brave with color. I did end up using a burnt orange color in the kitchen in our last place though. Have fun! Be cautious about chosing a hobby for a job…you don’t want to end up hating the hobby after a while because it becomes your job. Good luck on the job hunt!

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