Much Ado

Gack! I haven’t been posting. But I’ve been busy. I’ve decided to more consciously live my dreams and not to just think about them. So I’ve been doing that.

I used to make art jewelry. I missed doing it. So now I’m starting it up again. You say it’s a bad time to start a jewelry business? Well I and everyone else can find a thousand excuses to not do this or that. But the simple fact is – I’m good at it, I like it and it energizes me. It makes me happy. So why can’t I suceed at it?

I’ll be posting pictures of my stuff and links to my etsy page.

So, everyone… go find your joy! It’s been far too long. We’ve all been living under a cloud and it’s time to do anything and everything to break out.


2 thoughts on “Much Ado

  1. LIVE YOUR PASSIONS! WhooHoo! No need to justify the “why now” to anyone. You have some spare time and it gives you an outlet. Now is the perfect time!

    Can’t wait to see what you create! And if I can spare a few $$ I’ll even be one of your first customers!

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