The Gift of Detachment

Last week I overheard a coworker talking to the Creative Director about some issues she’s been having dealing with the business side of the company. As writers, we often don’t get any respect (apologies to Rodney). Without going into boring detail, it’s a situation that has been replayed at almost every place that I’ve worked at, and now being a seasoned copywriter it’s hardly something I get worked up about anymore.

And it’s a good illustration of one of the best things about being a contractor–emotional detachment.

While the poor coworker frets and suffers as she worries about how to fix the situation without alienating the biz side — I glide through and either just confront the biz (with no emotional attachment) or I acquiesce and just do what they ask to not make waves, since I won’t be here forever anyway.

It can be nice to not have any emotional attachment to a workplace. You do leave at the end of the day not dwelling on what happened that day, or even really revisiting it in your mind again. You just think of the future. The past is irrelevant, just tasks that were checked off your list. Detachment does lead to less pain (how Zen) and a clearer view of your career.


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