The Illusive (Lovely) White-Tailed Kite

Well, actually I shouldn’t say illusive because I know just where to find her, and I found her again today. Just outside of where I’m working right now. I discovered white-tailed kites a few years ago. Before that I didn’t know that such a lovely bird of prey lives around here. Almost all white with some black accents on the wings and face. This bird is very streamlined and falcon-like. She hover hunts and dives to pounce on her prey. I’ve watched the one near my office for weeks and I know her habits. She hunts the wetlands that are just accross the street from my office, methodically surveying a section of land at a time for prey before moving maybe a hundred feet at a time to a different location.White-Tailed Hawk

Today I took a few photos of her and other birds with an SLR camera. I’d like to get a better/bigger lense. Maybe that will be my birthday present?


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