Wolf Trotting

For several months now my runs have been labored. I had an unending tightness in my left hip and hamstring that would never go away. And well, I just didn’t feel like running much. The canine desperately needs to run almost daily, so she kept me somewhat on track. If it were not for her, I probably would have faded into a non-running existence.

So to keep the canine happy, I soldiered on, 3-5 mornings a week. My runs have been much, much shorter than in the past when I trained for ultras. I was probably lucky to get in 4 miles. The tightness was driving me crazy, plus I knew that eventually something (like my hamstring) would snap.

Begrudgingly I returned to yoga. I really don’t know why I’ve shunned it for the past year or so. Maybe it’s because I am so amazingly inflexible now that it’s embarrassing to practice. I’m so way off of the ideal. But embarrassment and perfectionism be damned—two sessions cured my hamstring and hip problem.

I’ve renewed my subscription to Yoga Magazine. Namaste. And my enjoyment for running is slowly returning, much to the canine’s great pleasure.

 I won’t be doing this posture any time soon though…


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