Early Mornings

We are up in the dark before dawn and before anyone else in the house is awake. I give her a pat on the head as I fumble towards the bathroom to dress and tie up my hair. She follows and lays down in the doorway to guard me, probably both from boogie men and from me leaving her behind.

I use my headlamp to navigate the dark house. I’m out of the door before I give myself a chance to talk myself out of the run. I’m really only fully awake about 1/2 mile down the road, usually in front of the house with the cat who likes to chase us. Yes a cat. Either a very brave or not very bright cat.

The early mornings are magic. Some cold sharp mornings that sear like broken glass have shining, sparkling skies with Venus on high and then moon glowing. Foggy mornings can be spectacular with billowing white puffs and floating mists that shroud the world beyond my lamp. Of all the varieties of early morning they have one thing in common for me…blessed silence and peace.


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