Thanks to Daylight Savings Time I’m back to running in the dark again. So, Mr. Headlamp with the blue blinking bike light attached at the back is back in action again. Yeah, that’s right, a BLUE blinking light. Unique! Freaks out the early morning commuters. Everyone is used to a red blinking light, but blue is something unexpected, unless you’ve been pulled over by the PoPo.

And this morning was the first time all year that I ran in a rainstorm. Dumping rain the whole way. Kind of felt nice actually. Unfortunately the only thing that wasn’t dumping was the dog – she didn’t do her morning business. She rushed through the whole run, which was kinda nice because we didn’t have any long sniff stops that she can be famous for. She was kinda perplexed about the rain. But I hope the hubby let her out mid-morning…


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