I need to get my shit together

I woke up last night in the middle of the night with a ninja calf cramp. Once I managed to stretch that one out I realized that I had that lovely red wine dry mouth. Ugh.

I had spent a few hours the past evening with my folks. They are the worst influence on me. No evening goes by there w/o a few glasses of wine.

This is stopping. Now.

It’s not conducive to my goals and aspirations. It’s just one of the few lazy things left in my life that have to be cleaned out. No wine extravaganzas should lead to less pounds and more miles.

It’s all about what you really want. I don’t want extra pounds and a drinking problem. I want to bounce out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and sprint out the door for miles and miles. No excuses.

I want abundant health for years and years and years. Quite frankly, my folks aren’t doing so hot. They’ve become a cautionary tale. I’ve reached the fork in the road and I’m not going down their lane.

So it ends here. And the new goals gain flight. I’ve marked down some races in my calendar to sign up for and get me motivated. Sometimes you just know when things have changed and there’s no going back.

June 16th – Woodside Ramble. Probably going to do the 35k as a training/prep run.

August 19th – Run on the Sly – 50K

September 30th — Redwood Peak 50k

December 15th — Woodside Ramble (again) 50k

I’m looking forward to being in shape for these races and feeling fast again, like I used to be. I’ll probably never be as fast as I used to be but I’ll be the best me that I can be at this time. Ultras are about the adventure for me and being in some incredible, out-there places. Plus hopefully making some more like minded friends.

And of course, dog will help me get there too. Woof.

PS – I DID get out for a run this morning…wine mouth be damned!


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