The Horse Runs Free

I first heard of Caballo Blanco way before Born to Run. I was a minimalist before the whole craze set in and a reader/follower of Barefoot Ken Bob. That’s a whole ‘nother story I’ll have to go into later. Ken Bob’s site led me to Barefoot Ted’s site. Ted seemed kinda crazy, I was okay with that.

One day he put up this crazy post about running down in Mexico and this dude called Caballo Blanco. An Americano who ran and lived with the Raramuri. He did have some pictures posted. but I wasn’t sure if Ted was telling the truth or if he was maybe smokin’ something. After a while he posted up stuff about the upcoming book…so at this point I figured his tales were mostly true.

Of course the book was awesome and I loved it. Soon after Caballo put up a web site that I followed and when he ventured on to FB I friended him. We had a few conversations. He loved my dog and we chatted about running with dogs.

Just a few days before he went missing I was looking on his site to see when he might be in our area again so I could go see him speak. I also checked out when the Copper Canyon race was (just happened) and started writing in plans to go next year. So ironic.

He’s someone who shouldv’e lived to be 90-plus years old, so healthy vibrant and strong. He had so much to give, and he was giving so much. The lesson is to do what you dream of RIGHT NOW. Caballo did. He may have died young, but I bet he didn’t have many regrets. He may wish that he could’ve done more for the Raramuri…even though he’s done so much already. But in his passing is a call to arms for us to pick up the slack and carry on like he would.

Take every day and pack in as many miles, as many hugs and as many kisses as you can. Run Free.


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