Tap, Tap, Tap

It’s harder to get up on some mornings than others.

Especially when you’re warmly squished between two slumbering kiddles, who are sweetly snoring lightly. You’re startled awake by the alarm and hit the snooze button. Thinking about just turning off that alarm and sleeping soundly ’til 7.

But you have miles to do. You think about how when you step out of the door, it’s really not so hard. Little warm up steps. Tap, tap, tap. Down the street. Light and easy, light and easy. Soon you’re warmed up and a mile from home. The robins are singing and it’s not even light yet. Tap, tap, tap. The pooch is happy you went, her tail is curled into a broad arc like a big fur-fringed smile. Tap, tap, tap go her feet too, black claws clicking on cement.

You’ve even moved the alarm back 1/2 an hour so that it’s still well dark when you set out. The dark of morning has a peacefulness about it, and envelopes you like a loving cloak of your private thoughts. A meditation in motion. It’s still before dawn, save for the song of birds. No wind, just calm. Tap, tap, tap. Once you’re warmed up the speed comes. Past a mile your feet take flight and running is effortless and light.

You greet your fellow runners with cheery hellos and nods. Dogs excitedly prance at the end of their leashes at seeing one another. Getting out early is all worth it.

Light and easy, tap, tap, tap. Every step one closer to a distance goal. Every early morning one more triumph over sloth, a victory for adventurous living. It’s much easier to try than it is to live with failure. Just go, push yourself out the door and feel happy all day for it.


2 thoughts on “Tap, Tap, Tap

  1. I never hit the snooze!
    But I have just set my alarm for 5.45 every day next week. I’m starting a new program – getting up & going to the gym! It is new for me, as yes, I am normally snoozing at that hour, beneath warm sheets. But I totally loved the way you described it, how you nod other runners, how you feel good ALL DAY LONG for meeting that day’s goal, and stepping toward the long term goal. This will definitely be in my head when I start Monday. This was great to read, to be reminded of the reward of getting out there. JUST get out the door – yes!

    • Oh totally. You never, EVER end a run or a workout saying to yourself that you wished you hadn’t gone out! Hope your mornings have been great!

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