Maybe That’s All That We Get

I’ve been thinking about the passing of Micah True, the hows and mostly the whys. I’ve noticed that there are people with a mission, and then when that mission is almost complete and on it’s way these messengers leave us, their work in setting the fire complete.

I knew that there would be inevitable discussion about his untimely passing and as always, did ultra running have anything to do with it. I knew that this was coming. Every time a runner dies an early death this same discussion (with very little merit or basis) boomerangs back again. The un-athletic quote it smugly to the runners, and some runners are left questioning their routines, and for some the core of their beings and their daily prayer.

I’m not paying attention to this replayed story anymore. From everything I’ve seen running (and sometimes LOTS of it) improves lives in so many ways. I watched a neighborhood “fat guy” lose about 80 lbs and gain a huge smile. I get my best ideas and soothe my anxieties while running. It’s a better addiction for you than smoking or drinking…and for many people it’s replaced them.

I think that sometimes people just die younger than others and maybe there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe it will be you, or maybe it will be me.

Maybe that’s all that we get.

Who’s to say we are all owed 85-95 years? Maybe there’s NOTHING you can do to ultimately change your end date. How does that change your thinking? (Though I’d hope that you’d keep trying to be healthy for as long as you got left, be it a day, or half a century.)

And this is really what we have to deal with. Did you really live? Or were you waiting for retirement to have that big adventure? Were you doing just what you wanted to do? Micah’s life may have been shorter than others but you can bet your trail shoes that it was a wide, deep and crazy-rich life.  I don’t think he had many regrets. And with his passing, I asked myself if I would have any regrets right now. Yes I would, a lot. There’s so much I’ve been afraid to do (for no good reason) so much procrastination. If this is all that I got it would be an unfinished story. And I’d be pretty embarrassed that I squandered this incarnation.

So if all I get is 50 or 60 I’m going to fill it up. There’s never any time to waste. Even if I’m lucky to make it to a healthy 100, I still have no time to waste. Neither do you.

Get busy livin’.



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