Stretching Out

I’m adding miles to my training and so far, all is going well. A few mornings ago I had one of those transcendent runs, you know, the ones that make you feel like you’re floating and flying down the road/trail. I take it as a good sign that the training is going well and I’m on the right path. 

And in furthering the outdoor life we traded in the station wagon for a Toyota FJ. Let the wild rumpus begin! I’m so excited to get out on the dirt roads to wild places that I’ve been just dying to go to. 

I also signed up for my first ultra this year. This one’s not until September and I’ll have done at least one other before then but I figured that this would fill up soon if I didn’t sign up  – Auburn Trail Run. Drop me a note if you’re going to be there too!

I have some pretty trail runnin’ pictures that I took with the pooch recently. Will upload soon. 


Tap, Tap, Tap

It’s harder to get up on some mornings than others.

Especially when you’re warmly squished between two slumbering kiddles, who are sweetly snoring lightly. You’re startled awake by the alarm and hit the snooze button. Thinking about just turning off that alarm and sleeping soundly ’til 7.

But you have miles to do. You think about how when you step out of the door, it’s really not so hard. Little warm up steps. Tap, tap, tap. Down the street. Light and easy, light and easy. Soon you’re warmed up and a mile from home. The robins are singing and it’s not even light yet. Tap, tap, tap. The pooch is happy you went, her tail is curled into a broad arc like a big fur-fringed smile. Tap, tap, tap go her feet too, black claws clicking on cement.

You’ve even moved the alarm back 1/2 an hour so that it’s still well dark when you set out. The dark of morning has a peacefulness about it, and envelopes you like a loving cloak of your private thoughts. A meditation in motion. It’s still before dawn, save for the song of birds. No wind, just calm. Tap, tap, tap. Once you’re warmed up the speed comes. Past a mile your feet take flight and running is effortless and light.

You greet your fellow runners with cheery hellos and nods. Dogs excitedly prance at the end of their leashes at seeing one another. Getting out early is all worth it.

Light and easy, tap, tap, tap. Every step one closer to a distance goal. Every early morning one more triumph over sloth, a victory for adventurous living. It’s much easier to try than it is to live with failure. Just go, push yourself out the door and feel happy all day for it.

The Horse Runs Free

I first heard of Caballo Blanco way before Born to Run. I was a minimalist before the whole craze set in and a reader/follower of Barefoot Ken Bob. That’s a whole ‘nother story I’ll have to go into later. Ken Bob’s site led me to Barefoot Ted’s site. Ted seemed kinda crazy, I was okay with that.

One day he put up this crazy post about running down in Mexico and this dude called Caballo Blanco. An Americano who ran and lived with the Raramuri. He did have some pictures posted. but I wasn’t sure if Ted was telling the truth or if he was maybe smokin’ something. After a while he posted up stuff about the upcoming book…so at this point I figured his tales were mostly true.

Of course the book was awesome and I loved it. Soon after Caballo put up a web site that I followed and when he ventured on to FB I friended him. We had a few conversations. He loved my dog and we chatted about running with dogs.

Just a few days before he went missing I was looking on his site to see when he might be in our area again so I could go see him speak. I also checked out when the Copper Canyon race was (just happened) and started writing in plans to go next year. So ironic.

He’s someone who shouldv’e lived to be 90-plus years old, so healthy vibrant and strong. He had so much to give, and he was giving so much. The lesson is to do what you dream of RIGHT NOW. Caballo did. He may have died young, but I bet he didn’t have many regrets. He may wish that he could’ve done more for the Raramuri…even though he’s done so much already. But in his passing is a call to arms for us to pick up the slack and carry on like he would.

Take every day and pack in as many miles, as many hugs and as many kisses as you can. Run Free.

I need to get my shit together

I woke up last night in the middle of the night with a ninja calf cramp. Once I managed to stretch that one out I realized that I had that lovely red wine dry mouth. Ugh.

I had spent a few hours the past evening with my folks. They are the worst influence on me. No evening goes by there w/o a few glasses of wine.

This is stopping. Now.

It’s not conducive to my goals and aspirations. It’s just one of the few lazy things left in my life that have to be cleaned out. No wine extravaganzas should lead to less pounds and more miles.

It’s all about what you really want. I don’t want extra pounds and a drinking problem. I want to bounce out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and sprint out the door for miles and miles. No excuses.

I want abundant health for years and years and years. Quite frankly, my folks aren’t doing so hot. They’ve become a cautionary tale. I’ve reached the fork in the road and I’m not going down their lane.

So it ends here. And the new goals gain flight. I’ve marked down some races in my calendar to sign up for and get me motivated. Sometimes you just know when things have changed and there’s no going back.

June 16th – Woodside Ramble. Probably going to do the 35k as a training/prep run.

August 19th – Run on the Sly – 50K

September 30th — Redwood Peak 50k

December 15th — Woodside Ramble (again) 50k

I’m looking forward to being in shape for these races and feeling fast again, like I used to be. I’ll probably never be as fast as I used to be but I’ll be the best me that I can be at this time. Ultras are about the adventure for me and being in some incredible, out-there places. Plus hopefully making some more like minded friends.

And of course, dog will help me get there too. Woof.

PS – I DID get out for a run this morning…wine mouth be damned!


This happens every once in a while.

I was stepping out of the shower and made some sort of wrong move. I tweaked my back. Hate that. Now I’m hobbling around. I did it yesterday, so at least at this point it’s already getting a little bit better.

My chiropractor is all booked up. Or I would’ve just gone in and got it fixed. But by the time they have an appointment available this will be solved.


So I missed my run this morning. Dog slept in, and didn’t seem to mind the day off too much. I will definitely be out there tomorrow running though…

Good Read!

I just finished this book. Loved it. It’s all about one guy’s experience on the PCT. I read a lot of it aloud to my hubby as he was cooking dinner a few nights this week. It’s put a bee into his bonnet about hiking the trail. 

Check it out for a great armchair adventure!




Thanks to Daylight Savings Time I’m back to running in the dark again. So, Mr. Headlamp with the blue blinking bike light attached at the back is back in action again. Yeah, that’s right, a BLUE blinking light. Unique! Freaks out the early morning commuters. Everyone is used to a red blinking light, but blue is something unexpected, unless you’ve been pulled over by the PoPo.

And this morning was the first time all year that I ran in a rainstorm. Dumping rain the whole way. Kind of felt nice actually. Unfortunately the only thing that wasn’t dumping was the dog – she didn’t do her morning business. She rushed through the whole run, which was kinda nice because we didn’t have any long sniff stops that she can be famous for. She was kinda perplexed about the rain. But I hope the hubby let her out mid-morning…